TENS for chronic pain


Did you know that up to 28 million Britons live with chronic pain? Problems such as low back pain or osteoarthritis affect between 35 per cent and 51 per cent of British adults.

Experts estimate that 43 per cent of adults have pain that has lasted for more than three months and they warned that the figure was likely to rise as the population ages.

Recent Clinical Evaluation on TENS show that regular use of TENS leads to a significant reduction of usage in pain medication. TENS could save up to $1000.00 per person/year towards physio/ occupational therapy ( Sawant,2015).



Millions live with chronic pain, The Times (2016),  http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/news-in-brief-up-to-28-million-britons-live-with-chronic-pain-kkh0c7mqg

Sawant,A., Daduraka. K., Overend,T. and Kremenchtuzky,M. (2015). Systematic Review of efficacy of TENS for Management of Central pain in people with multiple sclerosis.Volume 4, Issue 3, pp 219-227.

Elise vs Apex, which is better? YOU decide.

Recently TensCare team came across an advertisement by our competitor Company, which claims that they are better than TensCare.


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We believe that their claims are unfounded, ethically poor and inaccurate.  We want to know on what basis, they are claiming to be better than TensCare? We want to challenge them to prove their claim and we want YOU our customers to be the judge.

For this very purpose we have put together a product comparison of typical TensCare Pelvic Floor Exerciser Elise and typical In Control Medical Pelvic Floor Exerciser Apex.

This is how Elise and Apex fare head to head:

Discussion of features:


a.Pulse Width:

Training the muscle effectively requires the maximum percentage of muscle fibres to be triggered with each pulse. Clinical trials have shown that a higher pulse width recruits more motor nerves.

Elise Pulse Width:  300 uS

Apex Pulse Width: 200 uS

b. Timer:

Optimal treatment time is 20 minutes, not only because it was the most commonly used time in test trials but also early trials revealed that many women are over enthusiastic and try to over – use their stimulator, resulting in sore muscles.

Elise Timer: 20 minutes

Apex Timer:  Does not stop automatically, but recommends you switch off after 5 minutes. 

c. Intensity steps:

For comfortable stimulation it is important to increase the intensity in small steps. Also, for optimal results, it is important to use the intensity as close to most tolerable level as possible.

Elise Intensity Steps: 200 steps of 0.5 ma

Apex Intensity Steps: 10 steps of approx. 8mA


a. Probe Size.

Elise Probe Size:

2.98 inches/7.5 cm


Apex Probe Size:

5.5 inches/11.9 cm long

1.2inches/3.05 cm x 1.5inches/3.81 cm                                  

Apex say that their probe must be inserted AT LEAST 4 INCHES.

b. Insertion :

Elise: You can insert the Elise same way as tampon.

Apex: You need to hold the Apex control unit in your hands halfway down your thighs for the entire treatment session.

c. Open Circuit Cutout:

If you withdraw the probe while it is operating, it can be very uncomfortable.

Elise: Open Circuit Detection automatically turns off when contact is lost.

Apex: Apex cautions: Never insert or remove Apex unless powered OFF and deflated as insertion or removal while stimulation is active may cause discomfort or tissue irritation.



Elise: Wipe clean using a cloth with soap

Apex: Wipe clean using a cloth with soap

b. Battery:

Elise: 2 AA Alkaline batteries are typically easier to obtain and last much longer than AAA.

Apex:  Uses 4 AAA Alkaline Batteries.

Typical Comparison:


Features Elise Apex/Intone
Product Image  Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser  apex 123
Probe images  probe  Apex Probe
Open Circuit Detection Lead detection circuit Inflation pump and air release valve to customize the fit.

When inflated, provides full contact of the stimulation contacts to the vaginal wall.

Overall Size: 12.0 Inches/ 30.48 cm long

2.3 Inches/ 5.84 cm wide

4.0 Inches/ 10.16cm tall

Probe size (inserted length)

2.95 inches/7.5 cm

1.1 inches/2.8 cm


2.95 inches/7.5 cm

1.1 inches/2.8 cm


5.5 Inches/ 11.97cm long

1.2 Inches/ 3.05 cm x 1.5 Inches/ 3.81 cm


5.5 Inches/ 12.97cm long

2.2 Inches/ 5.59 cm x 2.5 Inches/ 6.35 cm

Treatment Timer Automatically turns off after 20 minutes. Does not turn off automatically. Advise to use daily for 5 -10 minutes.
Waveform: Biphasic, balanced, rectangular Monophasic, alternating polarity, square
Frequency: 50 Hz 50 Hz
Pulse Width: 300 uS 200uS
Maximum Output 100 mA 80mA at 500 ohms
Intensity steps 200 steps of 0.5 ma 10 steps of approx. 8mA
Intensity controls Two buttons Two buttons
Intensity Display Large LCD 5 Stimulation LED indicators. Combination of flashing to show level.
Power 2 AA Alkaline batteries 4 AAA Alkaline batteries.
Cleaning Wipe clean using a cloth with soap Additional step and dirt traps:

Inflate Apex enough to ensure thorough cleaning of creases and wipe clean using a cloth with soap as recommended above not soak.


contamination to probe

Replace probe. “Do not overinflate as this may cause damage to the inflatable probe”

If rubber sleeve is damaged, device cannot be used

Open Circuit cutout Open circuit detection automatically turns off when contact is lost. Caution: Never insert or remove Apex unless powered OFF and deflated as insertion or removal while stimulation is active may cause discomfort or tissue irritation.
Probe Weight 40gms 330 gms
Price $135.98 $249.00


Product Scale:

We believe that customer is the focal point of all business activities and the best judge to verify the claims made by any company. Therefore we want to leave it up to you to decide the validity of these claims.