World Bedwetting Day: 17th October 2015

Saturday 17th October marks ‘World Bedwetting Day‘ aimed at raising awareness of bedwetting as a medical condition that affects both children and their families.

Bedwetting (Primary Nocturnal Enuresis) is classed as a medical condition when a child has been unable to remain dry at night for at least 6 months.

Bedwetting tends to affect boys more than girls and can be due to a large number of reasons, all of which are treatable if diagnosed early. Early intervention is also important to ensure the condition doesn’t impact children’s self-esteem.

Not only does bedwetting cause distress to children upon waking, it can also lead to low self-esteem, self-isolation and worry regarding ‘fear of discovery’ by both their parents and their friends.

It also discourages children from visiting friends and staying overnight away from home.

Bedwetting can be treated through simple behavioural techniques to help your child understand how to associate the feeling of a full bladder with visiting the bathroom during the night.

To show our support TensCare are offering 25% discount on our Dry Night Trainer Bedwetting Alarm – a drug-free, more natural treatment using behavioural techniques to help train your child out of bedwetting.

Dry Night Trainer

The alarm simply fits around your child’s wrist like a watch, and connects to your child’s pyjamas. During the night, if the alarm detects liquid on the child’s pyjamas, an alarm will sound – waking the child to alert them that they need to empty their bladder.

Eventually the child will recognise the feeling of a full bladder and learn that they need to wake and visit the bathroom or will learn to ‘hold on’ until morning without the need of the alarm.

Used alongside a reward scheme, the Dry Night Trainer can help your child to stay dry at night in just a few weeks.

To order your Dry Night Trainer, please see here.

You can also read a recent customer review of the Dry Night Trainer here.

For more information on Bedwetting including educational articles about the condition and its treatments, please see the
Stop Bedwetting website


MEDICA World Forum for Medicine 16-19 November 2015: Düsseldorf, Germany.

Are you ready for Medica 2015?

TensCare Ltd Stand: 11 H41

Keeping busy at Medica

TensCare Ltd stand at Medica 2014

TensCare Ltd will once again be exhibiting at Medica World Forum For Medicine, one of the largest medical exhibitions in Europe, from 16-19 November in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Last year was a great success and this year we are looking to meet with new and existing customers to extend our product range and expand into new territories.

Visit us in Hall 11, Stand H41 to learn more about our range of drug-free electrotherapy units, providing pain relief and muscle toning to both home and professional environments:

> TENS for drug-free pain relief
> EMS for muscle toning & rehabilitation
> Maternity TENS for natural pain relief during childbirth
> Pelvic Floor Exercisers for bladder weakness & sexual well-being
> Interferential & Ultrasound for deep-seated pain relief & healing
> Multitherapy devices combining TENS, EMS, Interferential & Micro-Current for professional use

If you would like to learn more about our products, please contact us via email or visit our website

If you would like to arrange a meeting with us during the event, please contact
Agnes Rasmussen via email

You can also view the TensCare Ltd page via the Medica website here.

We look forward to meeting you there!